Quinoa 500g ( 100% Organic)

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Quinoa has a subtle nutty taste and is a really versatile ingredient: It can be used in baking or as a breakfast, it also works in hot side dishes, cold salads, and even in burgers. Quinoa has a naturally bitter coating, Saponin, keeping insects away without having to use pesticides. Saponin is easily removed by rinsing quinoa with water before consuming. Our Organic Quinoa wouldn't go near pesticides anyway, of course.

Perfect for ... baking.


Store in an airtight container at room temperature.


Good for: Quinoa is high in Phosphorous, essential for strong bones and teeth. Also good for; helping the immune system's working and the production of T-cells and helping to make muscles, tendons, organs and skin. (Not scientific but interesting facts: Incas used quinoa to improve endurance and to treat some ailments like liver problems, tuberculosis, appendicitis and urinary tract infections. When applied as a compress both cooked and ground quinoa has been noted to reduce pain and to discolour bruises. Quinoa was also observed to promote women’s health during pregnancy following an increase in the quality of the milk during breast feeding. Because of its high calcium content quinoa helped to heal broken bones in native Andean societies. )

Contains: Magnesium (210mg), Quinoa is very high in this mineral, Phosphorus (230mg), Potassium (780mg), Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron (7.8mg). Calcium (79mg) Thiamin (0.2mg), Riboflavin (0.4mg), Niacin (4.8mg)