Plan c: discover

DNA test from 23andme
"Discover", by taking this test, how you are able to learn about the effect that your DNA may have on your health and how you can use that information to help balance your nutritional needs with your own personal body make up.
Our genes are a part of who we are, so naturally they impact our health. By knowing more about your DNA, you may be able to take steps towards living a healthier life.
Tests are available that will analyse your DNA and identify if there is anything you should know in case aspects of your genetic make up that should be taken into account in your nutritional and other decisions. 
Through this you are able to learn if you are a carrier for certain inherited conditions, so you and your family can be prepared.
Similarly you have an opportunity to discover whether you have certain genetic health risks, so that you can make better lifestyle choices and appropriately monitor your health.
By taking this test you are better able to discover how your DNA may affect your health and how you can use the information to help balance your nutritional needs with your own personal body make up
These reports are intended for informational purposes only and do not diagnose disease or illness.
The price for this test is £149.00
You can buy your 23andMe DNA test here. This will take you directly to their web shop to complete your purchase.
Find out about what you have inherited that affects your food,
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