Plan a: - tell

Your nutritional guidance
This couldn't be simpler, just "Tell' us about yourself in this Plan a: Questionnaire for us here. This is absolutely free, no commitments, no obligations, no shackles, no jails sentences. Oooh sorry, getting a bit carried away. Anyway, you get the point.

Doing this means you get some recipes that match what you need / want / like. Then you can choose which recipes you want and we send you the instructions and the ingredients. All organic, of course.

That's it!

Well, not quite, here's something really special; every order you place (if you have an account with us) gets you Nuttie Points (Oooooooh!) however, if you subscribe for weekly recipe boxes, or any type of box, you can then get DOUBLE NUTTIE POINTS (Big OOOOOOOOH!). Get the low down on Nuttie Points here.

So, if you're still here; read on my Nuttie friend....
The Plan a questionnaire  is a brief, confidential list and includes questions about allergies and intolerances, together with your likes and dislikes. It is all simply meant as a guide for us to give you better service.

It's a bit like going into a restaurant and saying "this is what I like, don't like that and gluten is not keen on me - so now, go cook"............
Except we don't cook it, you do. Oh, and we don't have tables. Or waiters. Or anyone to clear away and wash up. Other than that, it's exactly like going to a restaurant.

Our Nuttie Recipe Elves will then get in a huddle to tailor some delicious recipes for you and you can choose whether you want us to send out all the ingredients with instructions or you can shop them for yourself in our store.
Have a look also at Plan b: we'll help you find qualified Nutritionists who can get right down to it and let you know what you should be eating and also what not to eat.
As always, it's your Choice, your Nutrition, your Organic food.