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Our unique feature that we love to talk about is the way we prepare your recipe selections to match your nutritional needs..

You can choose any or all of our "Plans" "a: tell" , "b: learn", or "c: discover" so you can;

*   tell us what your needs, preferences and allergies are, or simply tell us you're open to ideas!
*  or learn about your needs from a Qualified Nutritionist local to you
*  or arrange to have a DNA test to discover what you might have inherited, that will affect your diet plans.

    Share this information with us and we then prepare a selection of recipes for you to choose from. 

    This is how our Nuttie Elves find recipes for you that don't just match your nutritional needs but also get welcomed with “Ooohhhs” and “Aaahhhs” around the dinner table.

    It’s also why we suggest ingredients ready for the picking based on your individual nutritional needs (from a fast and snappy online form that takes two minutes beginning to end - just head to the ‘Your Nutritional Needs’ tab to get started and Plan a is right there.

    Don't forget that with one of our free accounts, you will also be able to collect your "wallet nutritional" loyalty points in our 'Nutties Points" Programme. It is a way to save for shopping later, special treats, competitions and offers only available on Nuttie points.

    It's already a very generous points programme and if you opt for a subscription boxes on a regular plan, you even get DOUBLE points on everything you order - not just your box orders.

    Go Organic, Go Nutritional, Go Nuttie and get those points adding up to big discounts.