About us

This is less a once upon a time sort of story, more a tale of bad health overcome with good food.

You see, at the beginning, it wasn’t so happily ever after for the Bailey family. As a close-knit team, 2 major illnesses had hit them all hard. It was clear ….  a major shakeup was needed …. a massive re-think as to how life was being lived.

They all had their feet in the fast-paced, frantic corporate world (a world of pressure, never ending working hours and unpredictable days). And because of this, in their tummies was, well; anything, anything that would fit into the frantic day….  snacks, uninspiring desk junk food, fast food, waaaaay too often.

Together, the Bailey’s took on this poor health with knowledge – taking to the internet, to books, friends and colleagues – discovering what foods could power them through illness. And as it turns out they discovered a whole lot more besides …. namely that good food made the everyday great, and that a solid diet was about so much more than tackling illness.

Along this journey came plenty of knowledge about what not to eat, and what not to buy – faddy diets and unhealthy trends, as well as a shed load of know-how on nutrition and superfoods.

But there was something pretty odd…. something wasn’t out there…. and that was guidance for the individual, rather than the groups that were rushing to buy into the latest waist-trimming, bum-boosting diet trend. 

Heads were scratched. Confusion reigned. Odd, wasn’t it? That an entire World Wide Web, and multi-billion pound food industries lacked something for little old you or me. That, was it how was. We were all popped into a box, alongside others, who we really have little in common with.

And there it was – a tasty onion bulb of an idea.

That idea was enough to get the Bailey’s out from behind their desks, to re-think a brand new box. A box that’d be filled with delicious, organic, sustainable food that matches your (yes, your) nutritional needs.

Today, for the Bailey’s every day begins with good stuff. Rather than soul-sapping emails, pressure and clock-watching, wellies are donned, fields are explored, and fresh produce is shipped to the masses.

Yet at the end of it all, you could say that this about page is less a story about them, and more a fable about you and your health (whoever you are, whatever your wellness goals may be).

For the Bailey’s, for our farmers and producers, for our customers, it certainly is a happily ever after, after all.