1066 & the Nuttie Elves

The Nuttie Elves were learning about food long before the Egyptians were building pyramids and some of them are still working in the mountains and forests honing their skills. In fact, our Chief Elf (and oldest but we’re not supposed to talk about that), is Fáreryniel which is Elvish for ‘plentiful woods’, helped them out with their larder designs.

All this time that has passed has enabled them to have unrivalled knowledge about food and recipes, which we take great advantage of here at Nutritional Organic so we can help you get the maximum nutritious benefit possible from your food selection.

Back in the olden times when Fáreryniel was a young girl elf, she would always refer to what she would harvest as ‘food’. Now we can’t use just that term as it no longer means the food that we provide for you which is, of course, ‘Organic Food’.

Every morning when the day starts, she gathers the Nuttie Elves around her and gives out the tasks for them all. Some Elves are responsible for the Nuttie Squirrels who help out by foraging and collecting perfect Organic food ingredients for all the customers who ordered the night before. They really know where to find the very best from deep in the forest where the oldest Oak trees grow. It’s a very special place there and is very popular with the Deer folk who sometimes pass on their secret hideaways beyond the meadows, where the wonky carrots grow.

Several of the cleverer Elves are chosen by Fáreryniel to work on the recipe box ingredients, mainly because some counting and measuring is needed. I’m afraid that the Nuttie Squirrels, count 1 then 2 and back to 1 again and that can go on forever, which is fun but can make for a very big pile of parsnips as you can guess.

When the Nuttie Squirrels and the cleverer Elves have been sent out to the woods and forests to do their work, it is then the turn of the Senior Elf team. Some of these Elf boys and girls have also been around for a very long time although not as long as Chief Elf. One famous Elf, Uruvion, (the fiery one) prepared such a delicious recipe for Matilda of Flanders that her husband decided that he needed to invade England to make sure he got a regular supply. He also changed his name to William the Conqueror as a result, it sounded much more impressive than just the Duke of Normandy!

The recipe that did it for him was Butternut, Lentil & White Bean Stew and you can get it yourself here. He found it was good for being filling but low in carbs and also has plenty of Retinol (Vitamin A) as yellow – orange or red plant based foods are great for that.

Sadly, for some reason the old King, Harold, who had previously been an excellent customer ceased ordering from us.

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